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By purchasing equipment or tools in the LOSK TOOLS online store, you get reliability with a guarantee. All products in the LOSK TOOLS online store are sold with a manufacturer's warranty, valid in Ukraine. The warranty period and detailed warranty conditions for each particular product are indicated in the manufacturer's warranty card.

The guarantee becomes valid if the entrepreneur has a signature on the manufacturer’s completed warranty card, which is issued to most equipment. Pay attention to this at the time of purchase, as well as in the absence of a letterhead, the fact of the purchase of goods in the online store is the bill of lading of the postal operator.

Before starting operation, we recommend that you carefully read the warranty conditions and operating instructions - this will help prevent possible problems in case of improper use of the goods.

In order to avoid possible misunderstandings, it is necessary to save all the documents that are attached to the product during its sale during the warranty period.

Warranty repairs are carried out during the specified warranty period by the manufacturer's representatives, subject to the following conditions:

    the presence of a filled warranty card with the signature of the seller;
    a document that confirms the payment of the goods;
    preservation of all provided seals on the product.

Please note that warranty service does not apply to goods, malfunctions in which occurred after the goods were transferred to the buyer as a result of:

    consumer violation of the rules for the operation, storage or transportation of goods specified in the accompanying operational documents (in the instructions);
    unauthorized repairs;
    deviations of cable network standards;
    improper installation and connection of the product.

Repair of equipment is carried out by the service center of our online store. If you have questions about service, you can contact the hotline of our store by phone: +380679233318 it is possible to provide information on direct repair or exchange of goods by the manufacturer. To carry out warranty repairs you need to have:

    receipt of goods in the online store LOSK TOOLS;
    filled warranty card signed by the entrepreneur;
    the product is fully loaded and packaged with integral seals, if any, are provided on the product.


Exchange / Return Order

According to the law of Ukraine, the buyer can contact the store within two weeks and replace the goods that did not suit him with another. After this period, return is possible only under warranty.

If at the time of circulation of a similar product for replacement is not on sale, the buyer has the right:

    buy any other goods from the assortment of the store (with recalculation of value)
    exchange goods for a similar one upon the first receipt of the desired product for sale
    return the product and get back the money in the amount of the cost of the returned product.

Possible refusal to refund if:

    more than 14 days have passed since the purchase of things that did not have significant shortcomings
    the returned product is not new (noticeable signs of use, wear, defects)
    when checking the quality of the goods, signs of extraneous interference were discovered (attempted repair) or other conditions of warranty service
    the complete set of the returned goods is incomplete, for example, some elements are lost.
    missing sales or cash receipt confirming the fact of purchase

Under the terms of the return of funds for goods of good quality, the buyer needs to perform several actions:

    Contact the seller and write a refund application. The store has a standard return form, in which you must specify personal data
    return the purchased goods in the whole package and with the full package specified in the technical documentation (data sheet)
    provide a purchase receipt, sales receipt or cash receipt

What is the time period required to return the money for the goods?

According to the law, when returning goods of good quality, settlements with the consumer are based on the cost of the goods at the time of purchase. The money paid for the goods is returned to the buyer on the day the purchase is returned (termination of the contract). If the seller (store) does not have the opportunity to return the money immediately - payments are made no later than 7 days after receipt of the goods and a written application for a refund.

Refunds are made by the method of payment - by bank transfer to the details specified by the buyer in the application or in cash.


Sincerely, LOSK TOOLS Service,