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Metal, woodworking machines

In the Losk Tools online store you will find a wide selection of special tools and woodworking machines for solving any problems. We have machines - circular saws, format-saws, planers, planers, planers, milling machines and many other types of machines.

 Depending on the type of machine, there are a large number of applications. Despite the fact that in general these are all woodworking machines, they can differ greatly in functional features. A significant part in our catalog is occupied by the following types of machines:

    Circular saws
    Panel Saws
    Thicknessing machines
    Milling machines
    Band Saws
    Jigsaw machines
    Grinding machines
    Wood lathes
    Exhaust systems

The most common option for processing wood is to cut it, and therefore circular saws - machines are very popular in the manufacture of wood products. At the same time, it must be borne in mind that to give a beautiful and presentable appearance, wood products are sanded, grinded, and also laminated and painted. At the same time, you simply cannot do without special equipment.

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