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Frequently Asked Questions

In our online store "LOSK TOOLS" promotions and DISCOUNTS are very often held.

We recommend that you browse our site more often so as not to miss profitable and interesting offers for you.

Quantity discounts - Check with the manager

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Gift or savings - Look for a green label on the product.

1. Cash on delivery - payment for the goods after receiving the goods through the postal operators: NEW MAIL, INTIME, AUTOLUX, SAT (can be sent through other operators convenient for customers) Sending the goods is carried out every day, except Monday, from the moment of receipt of the application until 14.00 the next day. Delivery time depends on the postal operator and your location and is on average from 1 to 3 days.

On the day of sending, the customer is sent an SMS with the number of the invoice for the opportunity to track the goods on the website of the postal operator.

Payment for the goods is made by mail after inspection of the goods.

The disadvantage of this type of payment is an additional percentage (~ 2% of the amount),

charged by postal operators for return shipping.

2. Transfer of the cost of goods to the Privat bank card account (Request for account number over the phone). Having received payment confirmation, the order is sent on the next business day of the postal operator.

3. Payment at a trading place in the car market "LOSK", Kharkov. The goods are transferred from hand to hand or by other means by mutual agreement.

Consultation and order processing daily from 9-00 to 18-00 seven days a week.

Pick up or see the goods, you can drive up to the auto market "LOSK" Kharkov, working on schedule: Tue-Sun. from 9-00 to 15-00 except Monday.

Work shoes made in Poland by YATO company comply with European standards (shoe size corresponds to foot size). To order goods, you need to know the size of your legs.

Due to changes in the Ukrainian hryvnia exchange rate, many sites do not have time to change the prices of goods purchased for foreign currency. Also, for the purpose of additional attractiveness of prices for goods that have actually increased in price, some sites are “in no hurry” to update prices.

In our store, as a rule, a constant recalculation of the price is carried out in accordance with the current exchange rate and the prices of all goods are current. In some cases, when manufacturers change prices, the final price can be specified by telephone.

Unambiguously, the price cannot be changed after receiving the application for the goods.

If you found a product cheaper in another online store, we are always ready for a reasoned bid, for this you need to contact the manager by contact phone and specify the final price.

In this case, you are insured by the legislation on consumer protection in force in Ukraine. The main issue is the cause of the breakdown. Those. the reason may be either the fault of the manufacturer or the fault of the client as a result of improper operation or other reasons.

    Most tools and assemblies presented on this site are provided with a warranty, usually of 1 year. For a period of possible repair, the warranty period is extended.

    If a malfunction is detected through the fault of the manufacturer, payment for repair or replacement of the goods is free of charge during the warranty period. You pay only if the breakdown is not related to the manufacturer.

    Warranty period, calculated from the date of delivery of the goods. In order to maximize the satisfaction of your consumer rights, we cooperate with trusted manufacturers, which virtually eliminates factory defects and compares us favorably with a significant number of outlets selling goods of dubious quality.

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