The choice of a particular tool depends, of course, on its functions. However, hand tools with the same functional purpose differ both in their technical parameters and features, as well as in cost. Also, tools have differences in their manufacturers.

Many manufacturing companies divide their tool into 2 main categories:

    household tools


What is the difference between these categories?

Household hand tools

Household tools are designed primarily for infrequent (occasional) use, mainly to perform a small amount of work in the garage, in the country, in the house. At the same time, such characteristics as strength, performance, durability are not paramount.

This is due to the fact that this category of goods is sold at relatively low prices and is aimed at meeting one-time household needs of customers.

Also, this hand tool is designed mainly for the average consumer, who is unlikely to use the tool to perform complex tasks that are performed by repair professionals, and therefore equipping these tools with a significant number of additional and more accurate components is not paramount and rare.

Professional Tool Kits Catalog

Professional tool kits, unlike household tools, are used much more intensively and, often, perform more tasks. In order to withstand increased loads and serve longer, manufacturers use in their manufacture better and more reliable materials, as well as more complex structural solutions.

Also, it is possible to advise consumers to pay attention to consumer reviews about various tools and manufacturers.