It is no coincidence that the YATO brand is one of the main suppliers of goods from our Losktools online store. Created in 2003 a successful European financial group TOYA, this brand represents products focused on professional activities in the field of construction and car service. Thanks to the aesthetic design combined with reliability and attractive price, YATO tools are worthy of competition in the Ukrainian market.

  For the company, the decisive factor in choosing a supplier was the constant expansion of the range of goods by the manufacturer with reliable quality assurance. During more than 10 years of work in the car market, we heard a lot of positive reviews about YATO tools from both car service masters and car enthusiasts. Choosing a tool for a car in Ukraine is a reasonable budget without loss of quality.

    A set of tools in the car is necessary for every motorist - this is a fact, but a cheap option of dubious metal is at least dangerous to health. Selling YATO tool kits, we are sure that in addition to aesthetic modern design, the client receives a well-developed product made of high-strength tool alloy to the smallest detail.

  Very pleased with the attitude of Polish partners to warranty. Any claims to the configuration, quality, durability of the use of the purchased tool are considered in favor of the client individually.

  The conclusion of many years of cooperation between our company can be called confidence in a reliable European manufacturer and wish productive work to all customers who purchase the YATO tool.