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02 Aug Which tool to choose?
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The choice of a particular tool depends, of course, on its functions. However, hand tools with the same functional purpose differ both in their technical parameters and features, as well as in cost. Also, tools have differences in their manufacturers..
02 Aug Partners yato tool manufacturers
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It is no coincidence that the YATO brand is one of the main suppliers of goods from our Losktools online store. Created in 2003 a successful European financial group TOYA, this brand represents products focused on professional activities in the field..
15 Sep Operation - gasoline generator.
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Мини генератор электрический польской фирмы YATO - это электромеханическое устройство, преобразовывающие механическую энергию в электрическую, предназначен для выработки однофазного, электрического тока напряжением 220В.Общие правила безопасности при..
15 Sep Pneumatic tool
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The era of pneumatic tools (tools powered by compressed air energy) began in the second half of the 19th century. The appearance of a fundamentally new, at that time, and reliable type of tool is associated with the almost complete absence of alterna..
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